[Solved] Contacting a respondent who used Save and Continue



I learned from other questions that it is possible to see whether a respondent used Save and continue. However, is it possible to see the email address to which the Continue email has been sent?

I hope this makes sense.



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    This email is not readily available via the response – this is probably best in cases where respondents are not providing personal information on the survey itself.

    I’m wondering, did the respondent not receive the email? If so, you may have them check their spam folder just in case.

    I hope this helps!

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      • Thanks for the response Lola!
        It is not an issue of respondents receiving emails, but of being able to contact the customers that save but never complete a form. It would be great to be able to contact those.

        Hope it makes sense?


      You could also explore using SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign feature (thought this would require you to have your respondents email addresses ahead of time):


      One of the options within Email Campaigns is the ability to send reminders to all respondents who have not finished:



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        • Thanks Dominic! This is good to know, however I would need to contact respondent of which I don’t have an email previously – if that’s feasible.



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