[Solved] How do I get contact information from an email campaign to display in reports?


I used an email campaign and I can export data and see the contact first/last name and the organization.  I would like to use an Advanced Appendix and display that info right above any comments on a report, but the merge codes for contact information are not available in the drop down.  

I tried to add a hidden question with the merge codes, and even tried putting the merge codes in the default answer, but basically all that does in make the name the question, and I need it in the answer field so I can have it in reports.  Does anyone have a work around?


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    Your idea about using the merge codes in hidden questions as the default answer would have worked if they had been setup at the beginning of the survey.  The values would have been entered into the response database as the respondents hit the NEXT button.

    If the names were part of the response data, I would try creating a COMPARISON report based on last names.  But evidently, they are not part of the response data.  So in your current situation, I would export the response data into an Excel spreadsheet and then format it to suit my needs.

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