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I have used a contact form in my survey.   I am asking for address information twice.  I have applied logic and not everyone sees the first request for their address.  For individuals that see both address questions?  Is there any way I can allow these individual to say ‘same as above’ and have the address get populated with the information from the previous question.

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Thanks, Eleanore

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Eleanore,

    I removed your email address for security reasons as this forum is accessible to all SurveyGizmo users.

    There is not a built-in way to have the second address question automatically populated with the information from the first via a “same as above” button.

    However, if the two questions are on different pages, you could ‘merge’ information from the first question into the second questions automatically via the use of merge codes:

    You would need to grab the merge code from the first question and put that merge code in the ‘default answer’ field in the second question:

    I hope this gives you some ideas for moving forward!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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