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I have a need to send survey to ~20K companies and do not want to ask their contact info because very often no one wants to leave it.

So is it possible to receive the report where one column is exact e-mail to which this survey was sent and next columns are the answers? If this is possible then I can easily connect these e-mails to their owners (companies, phone numbers etc.) via Excel VLOOKUP function.

Thanks for answering in advance.


Aaron Nelsen answered

    If you are sending the survey out using the Survey Gizmo “Send an Email Campaign” tool, it is very easy to include the email address in the csv output of the survey.  Go to “Results”, click on “Exports”, when you click on “Create a New CSV/Excel Export” a window will pop up, click the box next to “Include Email Invitations and Contact Fields”, (me personally, I click all the boxes).  Then click on “Create Export”,  one of the columns will include the email address that the survey was sent to.


    Hope that helps.

    Aaron Nelsen answered


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