How to connect radio button grid question with MySQL using Zapier


If we are using radio button grid question type, how we can connect each radio question with MySQL field using Zapier.


For example:

According to below image each row answers need to save in database.

Here we have 9 rows are there and in our database we have a table with 9 fields and each row answers should save in particular filed.

How can we achieve this using Radio Button Grid



shpendthaqi answered

    A Radio Button Grid question should allow you to pass data in much the same way as all other compatible questions. Within grids, each row is passed as a separate question/field.

    If I had to guess, the limitation that you might be running into is that (according to your screenshot) you are using a Custom Table and not a Radio Button Grid.

    Custom Tables are not compatible with SurveyGizmo’s Zapier Integration – Radio Button Grids are compatible. Here is the SurveyGizmo documentation article for Radio Button Grids:

    Make sure you are using this question and not the Custom Table that is shown in your screenshot.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


      The screenshot attached above is radio button grid question type only.


      Please let me know how I can connect the radio button grid questions in MySQL using zapier.

      Other questions I’m connecting using the question ids. But for radio button grids, each question ids having more than 1 radio buttons. I want each radio button should save in separate fields in a table of MySQL using Zapier.

      Please provide proper solution on this

      Lola Gill commented
        • Provided that you are using a Radio Button grid, Zapier will allow you to ‘map’ each grid row to a field.

          SurveyGizmo considers ‘each row’ of a Radio Button grid as a separate question, and thus a separate field in Zapier.

          Each Radio Button Grid row has its own unique ID. Since you mentioned you are using ID’s, you may want to check the survey legend for the row ID’s within your Radio Button Grid:

          Your screenshot does look like a Custom Table question (because of the column headers) – the best way to confirm that it is not, is to edit the question and check the ‘Question Type’ menu as seen here:

          If you continue to have trouble with this, you may want to reach out to SurveyGizmo Support. You have posted your questions to the Community Forum where other users do not have access to your account so can only offer suggestions based on what you have shared with us.

          Here are your options for Support, if you decide to go that route:

          I hope this helps!



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