How to connect custom group and custom table questions with MySQL using Zapier


In ‘’, the question number 291 has custom table question type and , 236 have custom group question type.

For custom table(291), we have many radio buttons. How I will connect each radio button with Mysql fields in Zapier.

For 236, many text fields are there each section. How we can connect each firelds with Mysql fields in Zapier


Please provide solution asap

Dominic Sharpe answered

    SurveyGizmo’s Zapier Integration is not compatible with Custom Tables, unfortunately. These question types are currently not¬†compatible:

    • Contact Form
    • Continuous Sum
    • Custom Group
    • Custom Table

    My recommendation is to reconfigure your questions to use one of the other compatible question types. Looking at your screenshot, I think you could ask the same question with a Radio Button Grid instead of Custom Table:

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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