How to connect answers to a participant?


We are sending out surveys that are mostly anonymous but now we need to make a survey non-anonymous. We need to make a report where we can see the questions and the answers connected to the different participants.

As today, if I choose Individual responses, I can see a list of the different participants but I have to click on every email address/participant to be able to see how they have answered the different questions. I need to be able to show a view/report where you can see all the different questions and the answers and be able to connect the answers to the different recipients. Instead of see a list of participants and having to click on each participants to see their answers to the different questions we need to see an overview of the questions and answers connected to a person. Is this possible?

Br Johanna Lundström (

IT Service Desk management assistant

Jim Wetherill answered

    The reports are database queries that aggregate your response data, so they are not well suited to the task you are describing.

    If we had to match responses with respondents, we would export the responses to an Excel spreadsheet (  

    Depending on how you are identifying your respondents and how many questions you need to review, you may be able to use a DIY table element for this task (

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