how to conect awser from diferent surveys?



we want to pass feedback questioneries to our workshops. one at the beginig one at the end and you after several months.

i have a few questions

  1. at the begining we dont have a mail list so we qive the partisipants a QR and ask them their email at the end of the questionary. is it an automatic way to make a mail list from the information colected in the first questionary? in adition to the emails we need more information seperating the partisipant from diferent workshops (everybody gets the same survey)
  2.  is it a easy way to match the bigining, end, ad followup questioneries to the person who give the awsers? not passing one by one and matching the email or ip

thank you



Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    There is not an automatic way to create an email list from email addresses collected in a survey. However, the process should not be too complex or too time-consuming.

    You could export your first survey’s data to excel – this will contain one column of all the collected email addresses which you can copy and paste into a new spreadsheet to upload as a contact list in an email campaign.

    In terms of matching data among different questionnaires, you do need to be able to identify the respondents in some way (email, unique id, etc.).

    Here are some documentation articles that might help:

    Hope this helps!

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