Do conditions in a single distributed quota apply on the first match or any match?


I have a survey question about car model year. I want to make sure I get a distribution of

2005-2009 20%

2010-2015 40%

2016-2020 40%


Since I can only choose Less Than (or equal) or Greater Than (or equal) and not a Between condition, I will have conditions that overlap, meaning a value could fall into more than one condition. 

We disqualify older than 2005, so for the first group I can simply say LTE 2009

For the middle group I could say GTE 2010 or LTE 2015, but that would also match the third group or first group respectively. 

Is the order of the conditions in the logic group meaningful if a value could match more than one condition? If so, it will be easy to make this work. On the other hand, if a value will add to ANY distributed quota condition it matches, this would be impossible

(Aside: I could easily do this with a regex, but that feels dirty)




Jeff Borisch201224 asked


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