conditional piping from radio button grid to radio button grid;script doesn’t work


Hi all,


I’ve been trying to use the existing script  ( for piping from a radio button grid into another radio button grid. However, after changing the arrays and the appropriate IDs I can’t get it to work.


Basically my first question includes a list of airports in the rows, and ‘never heard of’, ‘heard of but haven’t flown out of’, ‘flew out of in the last 24months, etc…. in the columns.

For my follow-up question I only want the airports which they have already heard of or have flown out of in the rows of the grid.

Does anyone have experience with this script and perhaps ran into the same problem?

Or is there another way to conditionally pipe my rows into the next question?


Thanks in advance!!

Dominic Sharpe answered

    It’s a little tricky to advise since we can’t see your script syntax. There are a couple of things that you can review:

    Additionally, there might be an alternative to the script that you can explore:

    You can use logic to trigger rows of a grid based on prior answers. It might be a little manual to set up but should get you the same result.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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