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I’m trying to build a questionnaire where the first question has, say, 4 options – a, b, c, d.

I’d like respondents who answer A + B to answer a set of questions (questions for theme A and questions for theme B), those who answer A + C another set (questions for theme A and questions for theme C) etc.


How do I set this up?


Let’s now imagine that I need a minimum of 250 of A+Bs, 250 of A+C, etc. (my sample being of n=1000). How do I set that quota? (I also need 60/40 male/female fyi).





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    First as it relates to the first part of this inquiry, I would set up each of your groups (A, B, C and D) on individual pages and then use the page logic to show the page based on the answers in the first question, so if someone selects A and C they would see the pages for section A and then a second page for section C.

    Now as it relates to your segmented quotas this is going to get a little more difficult as it is unclear to me if you are looking for 250 in Section A, B, C and D or in some type of combination of these sections.

    Here is the documentation on the segmented quotas which should help you with your set up of the quotas using the responses in Q1 to address this. 


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