[Solved] How can I compute values based on previous answers in a question text


In a previous question I ask for a number, e.g. “How old are you”.

Answer is 20.

In the next question I want to know, if he would feel better if he is 10. // (which is 20 divided by 2)


The calcutation should happen dynamically, based on the real answer of the user.

How can I do this?

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    Hi Marc,

    It looks like you received some feedback on this question from our Support Team via a ticket.

    I thought I would reach out here as well for the benefit of other Community visitors that might want to look into this as an option.

    Calculations like the one that you have inquired about can be performed in SurveyGizmo with the use of Custom Scripting. The following article is a great resource for this:


    Thank you for this question!

    David Domagalski
    Survey Explorer & Advanced Support Technician
    SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com

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