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Q1 Which tools did you receive? Check Box – GOT IT!

Q2 Which tools did you use? (piped in from selected items in Q1) Piping – GOT IT!


I would like from Q3 onward to ask Q’s of items they did select in Q2 & other Q’s of items they didn’t select in Q2 but that piping option doesn’t seem to be there. Is this too complex? Do you have another suggestion? 

Marc Antoine351215 asked

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    Hi Marc,

    Piping from a piped question/options is not the best idea typically from a data stand point.  It can get hard to see what option belongs to which question. This is why we prevent some piping like this.

    I would recommend setting up additional questions with logic so you can ask the follow up question but those follow up question have set answers.

    You can do that setting up question logic: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/setup-question-logic

    For example:

    Q1 What flavors of ice cream do you like (select 3)




    -Rocky Road

    -Cookies & Cream


    Q2 Out of these 3 flavors, what is your favorite (pulls in from Q1)


    Now you could build a question out for each flavor. The corresponding question will only display based off of the answers selected above.


    Q3 Why is vanilla your favorite flavor? (using logic, only show this question if vanilla was selected)


    Q4 Why is Strawberry your favorite flavor? (using logic, only show this question if Strawberry was selected)


    Q5 Why is Chocolate your favorite flavor? (using logic, only show this question if Chocolate was selected)




    Let me know if that makes sense or if you have other questions!


    Kind Regards,


    Tyler - SurveyGizmo answered


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