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I built a survey that has been circulated to a large group but the responses are not coming through as complete – I have 43 “partial” surveys done. 

Is there a way to show these under complete?




Rita Caggianello asked

    Hi, Rita!

    Thanks for your post! Whenever you have a survey where you are questioning the partial responses, I always suggest to run a Fall off report.

    If anything is causing the respondents from completing your survey will appear in this report:)

    This is always a good practice:)

    In your case, I did see you only have 43/202 partial responses. Based on those numbers I would say the fall off report isn’t ideal in this situation. In your case, most of your partials are respondents abandoning the survey. I would suggest to delete any response that doesn’t hold any data.

    Abandons are almost impossible to avoid, but survey fatigue is easy to get around. Sometimes, if the survey isn’t experiencing any technical difficulties,  survey fatigue may be the cause for the amount of partials you have in your responses. Just in case you have a survey where this is the case, here is a link to our best practices to avoid survey fatigue:

    I hope this helps shine some light on your partials:)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


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