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Need help using contact data ‘role’ as the grouping for comparison report

Al Sibbett asked

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    Hello –

    Comparison reports can only do the comparison based on a question in the survey with a set of discrete answer options.


    You could create a comparison report based on the role if you added a multiple choice question with all of the roles to your survey and used the data import tool to import the roles from the contact data as answers to this question.

    Here’s a link to our documentation on the data import tool for reference: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/data-import


    Or, as an alternative, you could try a segmentation report. In a segmentation report, you can view different named segments of your data. You can create a segment based on the role in contact data.

    Here’s a link to our help page on segmentation reports for reference:



    I hope you find my reply helpful!

    -Zach the Eukaryote

    Zachary answered

      Are you trying to create a filter from the contact data?

      Lauren Dillard answered


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