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I have a scenario where I have recordings of two phone interactions. One is a good one and one a bad one. I want to have the respondent rate their preference for each call. Sort of like a Max Diff but actually on something like 11 point scale where is the midpoint indicates no preference. 

How can I achieve this with the audio files? Can they appear at either end of the scale? Can I design the scale so that the midpoint is in the middle and the preferences are indicated wither side?

Keen to see what can be done.




Dominic Sharpe answered

    My suggestion would be to include both audio files on the same page via the Text/Media element:

    You can then have either a Rating (likert) question or Slider question that follows asking your respondents to rate the two videos along the scale that you determine:



    Hope this is helpful!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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