[Solved] How to compare Falloff-statistics between different language versions/translations



I have a PRO account and have been collecting data in two languages (i.e. I send the same link to all respondets, and depending on their settings the survey should be displayed in their own language – they also have the option to change language). Now I would like to see how many respondents from different regions that have answered the survey in a specific language, and whether there is a difference in falloff-statistics for the two versions.

I’m guessing this is not difficult but I’m new to surveygizmo and didn’t find the answer myself so I thought I’d ask here instead.

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    The best option is probably to utilize the Filter tool within the existing Falloff Report:


    You can access the Filter option by clicking ‘Customize Report’ (green button in the upper right of the report).

    You would need to filter based on the ‘sglocale’ url variable in combination with the language codes associated with your languages:


    If for example, you want to filter the report based on English – your filter condition would be:

    ‘url variable’: sglocale ‘is exactly equal to’ en

    Hope this gets you what you’re looking for!

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