[Solved] Comment text not showing in SPSS


I have a multiple choice list of roles and added a comment box for “other.”  However, none of the comment box entries show up when I download to SPSS. 

Theresa asked

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    The Comments field you can attach directly to a question doesn’t show in SPSS.  That’s why it isn’t showing up there for you.  You can add a following Textbox or Essay question to get those answer in SPSS though.

    Matthew Albie answered

      Sorry, the question is a drop down menu…

      Theresa answered

        No problem…there is a list of about a dozen occupations, with the final option being “Other.”  After other, there is a comment (text) box for the respondent to fill in, but it is not it’s own question. Those answers don’t appear when I download the data into SPSS. 

        Theresa answered

          Is the comment text its own question? What question type are you using specifically? Is it s checkbox question that has one ‘other’ box?

          Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get an idea of what you are up against…

          Dominic Sharpe answered


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