New! SurveyGizmo Reporting Upgrades


A few months ago, we asked for feedback on SurveyGizmo’s reporting capabilities. That feedback has been extremely valuable!

Since then, we have been hard at work incorporating many of the suggestions we received into what we believe is a marked improvement over our current reporting capabilities.

We plan to release our new reporting upgrades by the end of March 2016

Here are just a few of the upgrades you can look forward to:

  • Improved speed when running your reports
  • Addition of a responses grid and single response view
  • Easier report sharing with multiple privacy levels
  • Creation of Segments is completely revamped and drastically improved (segment colors render in grid highlighting):

grid segmentation

  • Simplified creation of basic filters (easily toggle filters and segments on/off)
  • Addition of Word Clouds for open text questions
  • Improved report styling – see your styling changes update live in the application!
  • New report elements such as maps, response timelines, and device charts
  • A new chart type for ranking questions! (see below)

rankinggrid chart

Want more details on how to use these snazzy new features? Check out our documentation here:

Wondering about the fate of Legacy Summary Reports? Check out our sunset plan here:

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about these changes, feel free to start a discussion in the comments below!

Lynsay Johnston answered

    I have had 3 major problems so far with the new format for standard reports:

    1.  All the data (count and %) in the excel standard report export is not recognized as numeric or percentages. I have to select all values (1 question at a time) and convert to numbers. By default it give the percentages 2 decimal places.  So I then have to modify the percentages to 0 decimals.  Interestingly, the cross tab reports excel exports have proper count formatting (numeric) but the percentages are not recognized.  So my project with 35 reports (segmented, etc) with 10 questions each will take forever to reformat so that the data can be used in formulas, etc.  Try exporting a standard or segmented report to excel and autosum a column or row of counts or percentages.  I do have autocorrect and autoformat turned off in excel.
    2. I have one client that loves the shading in tables (higher count – darker color). With the new reporting format, there is no way to get this shading into excel – copy/paste from website, excel export, word export, pdf export or powerpoint export.  It is possible with cross tab reports.  I’m sure most would agree that a pdf export is rarely presentable to a client.
    3. Using multiple segmentation or filtering logic produces either erroneous or no results.  I have quadruple checked the logic and if there are respondents that fit.  Error is on SG side.

    I do like the new user interface on the new reporting tool but what it is producing is unacceptable.  I can do all of these functions outside of SG but I enjoyed saving time by pumping it out directly from SG.  Especially since these functions were available previously, I’m disappointed.

    SG Admin commented
      • I meant to mention that I will be recreating all the reports in legacy format so I can have these functions again. But if the functionality isn’t improved on the new reporting or legacy reporting goes, I might too.

      • Hi Kelly,

        Thank you for your notes. I’m sorry for the troubles and limitations that you have encountered with the Standard Report. It looks like you have been in touch directly with our Support Team as well (we do encourage this as it helps our team view specific issues and use cases).

        We do have the items that you have mentioned documented. Please don’t hesitate to email if you run into any further trouble!

        Best regards,

        David Domagalski
        Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
        SurveyGizmo |


      Legacy Summary Reports included an option to “Select Additional Surveys to Include with this Report.” I cannot find this same option in the new Standard report or other new report types. Please advise if this option still available and, if so, where to find it.

      SG Admin commented

        I’m very frustrated with the new reports! I use open-ended comments in several places and can’t figure out how to show/include them in the summary report. Basically, the comments are useless if I can’t print them (in context) to share with others.

        Taylor Morgan commented
          • Hi There,

            I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with Standard Reports. I think I have some solutions for you!

            Firstly, Open-text question data is included in Standard Reports by default. You shouldn’t have to do anything special to add it to the report. Because Standard reports are designed to aggregate data, we display text information in a word cloud. That said, if you’d like to see the individual responses instead, under each word cloud you should see an option that says “Show Responses”.

            If you’d like to turn off all of the word clouds at once, you can do this too! Navigate to the Options menu on the left, and uncheck the Word Clouds option under the Question Elements section.

            I just ran a quick test, and when I downloaded the PDF of the report in order to print it, the text data came through. Is this not what you’re seeing?

            Again, I’m incredibly sorry for the trouble. If there is anything else we can do to help, let me know!

            Taylor Morgan
Manager of Customer Service – Survey Mermaid, SurveyGizmo


          So, it appears that information from contact form does not show in the report.  However, it does show in the PDF (email trigger) as well as the body of the email.  I have a question that asks the respondent if they want someone to follow up with them.  If they answer yes, they complete the contact form.  My clients do not want to have to search through their emails to get this information. 

          I have always been a huge fan of SG, and I tip my hat to the fact that you are trying to upgrade the reports.  However, I feel like the new reports are more of a down grade.  You have actually taken away some key options, and the standard response is that it has been passed to the development team.  I don’t know why you would make the new reports active until they at least had the minimum functionality of the previous reports.  Saying that, I do like the fact that you can show the Individual Responses now, but once again, my clients need to have the contact information so they can follow up accordingly. 

          Mike Miller commented
            • Hi Mike,

              Thanks so much for taking the time to give us some feedback. This is really helpful! I mean it. Hearing from our customers helps us make a better product.

              First things first, I wanted to let you know that we don’t plan to sunset Summary Reports until Standard Reports have the features you need! Specifically, right now we are working to bring back the export options you had before, so you can get your report into Word and PowerPoint.

              For security reasons, we don’t display contact group information by default. We want to make sure that we are doing our job to protect data that might be PHI or PII. That said you should be able to display this data in a Standard Report so long as the report is password protected. However, after speaking with my escalations team here, it appears that this functionality might be misbehaving at the moment. We are currently investigating a fix. In the meantime, an export will include all data, including custom/contact groups.

              Aside from that fix, is there anything else we can do to make your life easier?

              Let us know! Have a great day,

              Taylor Morgan
Manager of Customer Service – Survey Mermaid, SurveyGizmo

            • Thanks Taylor. I appreciate the update.


            Has anyone else noticed a lag in the reporting? The individual response tab shows 427 completed surveys, but when I run my report only 370ish show up.

            Taylor Morgan commented
              • Hey Laura,

                I want to help! I think it might be helpful if I could take a look at your specific survey. Would you mind shooting the support team an email at with the name of your survey and report, so we could take a closer look?

                I’m so sorry for the trouble! Let me know if we can do anything else to help in the meantime.

                Taylor Morgan

                Manager of Customer Service – Survey Mermaid, SurveyGizmo



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