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Finding respondents to take your survey can be one of the most challenging aspects of a survey. While utilizing a panel company is a great option, sometimes you don’t need to target specific demographics and simply want to get your survey in front of the general public. This is when SurveyGizmo’s Quick Audience can step in!

How is SurveyGizmo’s Quick Audience different than a Third-Party Panel?

SurveyGizmo Quick Audience and Third-Party Panels are two different methods for paying people to respond to your survey; so what’s different about the two?

SurveyGizmo Quick Audience

Quick Audience surveys are displayed on the Thank You page of surveys sent out by SurveyGizmo Free Accounts. Unlike a panel, quick audience surveys are available to anyone taking these surveys; there is no demographic screening of Quick Audience respondents. The SurveyGizmo Quick Audience is designed to collect up to 200 responses to questions that should apply to the general public.

Third-Party Panels

Panels should be used to help you target audiences with specific demographics. Panels are best  Panelists are constantly groomed for the quality of the answers that they provide.

How does it work?

When respondents reach the the Thank You page of a survey sent out by SurveyGizmo Free Accounts they will see the option to Earn Money Taking Surveys!

Respondents will need to enter a valid email address (this is how we pay them), confirm that they are at least 14, and confirm that they are a human. They will then be able to choose surveys from the list on the right.

The Nitty Gritty

  • You can collect between 10 and 200 complete responses via SurveyGizmo’s Quick Audience.
  • The cost is $2 per response per survey for the first 10 questions plus $.10 per question per response for all questions over 10.

Learn more in the below tutorials:

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