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SurveyGizmo is working to improve our Salesforce Integration!

Are you running into any limitations with the current Salesforce integration? Are there any features or functionalities you would like to see included in an updated Salesforce integration?

Please share your thoughts with us by starting a discussion below!


The SurveyGizmo Team

Laura Burnett answered

    Hello! Survey Gizmo is embedded in our onboarding process, and subsequently goes through the following process:

    1. An order is created in salesforce
    2. Salesforce automatically sends survey link to customer, with order ID apended
    3. Survey gizmo uses a pull action to complete some of the survey using data from SFDC
      1. This actually customises the survey using show/hide options at a question and at an option level (for multipicklists)
      2. It also customizes the survey branding, and inputs a video file, using JavaScript
    4. The respondents then start to complete the survey. After page 3 it adds a new object to salesforce, and then pulls back the ID of that new object into salesforce
      1. Subsequent pages add other new objects, as child objects to the object above
      2. We also update objects rather than add new within SFDC
    5. The data in salesforce is then integrated back into our website and our app


    We have had the following problems with the integration:

    1. Sometimes the integration fails, for no apparent reason. The error message says ‘failed to trigger a flow’ but if I refire the actions manually, it works. Also no error message from SFDC to say flow error, so suspect this error code is not accurate. I wonder if it’s timing out, but don’t know why it would be. 
    2. Adding and removing the integration was initially very trick-some. Eventually realised that it’s possible to move to the next stage without choosing push/pull/add action type, which then means it’s really hard to figure out where have gone wrong
    3. It also didn’t work to clone surveys with SFDC, and regularly had to delete a SFDC action and readd it again
    4. When survey gizmo had problems with pull action, we weren’t informed


    It would be very useful if:

    1. There was an email notification if the API connection failed 
    2. There was an email notification if there are any problems from Survey Gizmo with salesforce
    3. If you could save an action as a template question to use across multiple surveys
    4. If there was an easy action to create new questions using fields in salesforce
    5. If you could easily see any actions that failed on a report. Particularly having this filterable would be handy, so you could filter anyone who failed on action xxx. 


    I’m very happy to talk through our requirements with anyone, and to explain the work we’ve done. In general we’ve been really happy with the way it works, once we got it all set up. I’d like to be able to beta test any changes you make, to make sure nothing is affected from our surveys as this is so crucial to our business processes now!



    Laura Burnett answered


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