[Coming Soon] Quota System Upgrades


Something magical is about to happen. We are going to be releasing an upgrade to overall quotas that will make this system more stable, scalable, and best of all, keep surveys from being able to go over quota.


  • Overall Quotas and Link Quotas should no longer go over their limit (except for really specific circumstances, see notes below)
  • Visually, everything will look exactly the same!
  • Link Quotas will now have a progress bar
  • Quotas will now work with offline mode! (You can take as many responses as you want offline, but we will stop uploading after your quota has been met)

Which Quota types does this affect?

Overall Quotas and Link Quotas only, this will not affect Segmented, or Answer Option Quotas.

How do these quotas work with Save and Continue, SGUID, and edit links?

Edit Links:

No major changes — but you will not be able to use edit links on a partial response if the quota is full. You’ll need to increase your quota to do so.

Save and Continue/SGUID:

 Spots are not saved when respondents save their survey for later.

What that means:

If a respondent saves their survey (lets say the quota at the time was 50/100), the respondent’s session will expire after 30 minutes. If the respondent does not come back for a few days and the quota has been filled 100/100, they will not be able to finish their survey.

What situations will still allow going over quota?

  • You can still go over-quota if you convert a Partial response to Complete in the individual responses page.
  • You should still close your survey if you’re mid response collection and would like to lower your quota, otherwise you could go over quota as well.

Other general information:

  • On release, if a quota has been met and someone is in progress their survey session will be interrupted. This means that if a respondent clicks Next or Submit and the quota has already been met, they will be prevented from finishing the survey.
  • The API will now give you a message to let you know quotas are full.
  • Sessions will time out between 20 and 30 minutes. If respondents don’t click next within that time, they can be prevented from finishing the survey if the quota is already met.

Have any questions about this transition? Let us know in the comments below!


Taylor Morgan answered

    Hi Everyone!

    We’ve completed our Quota upgrade, and everything appears to have gone smoothly.

    If you have questions, or run into any difficulty, let us know!

    Taylor Morgan
    Manager of Customer Service – Survey Mermaid, SurveyGizmo

    Taylor Morgan answered


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