Coming Soon: Changes to the Help and Community Search


In order to bring you the most relevant results to best answer your questions, we’re working on switching to a new search provider in our documentation and community sites.

How will this affect me? 

There will be a period of time (a week or possibly a little longer) where you will experience a change in search results that are returned. In all places – in the SurveyGizmo application, community, documentation – the search will ONLY pull content from the main application help documentation site: Fortunately, this should be temporary and we’re very excited about the tool we’re looking into replace search long term!

Where can I find help content?

For your reference there are four sites where you can find answers to your pressing survey questions:


Feel free to comment here. We’ll keep this post updated as things progress.

Happy Surveying!

Bri Hillmer
Documentation Coordinator
SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

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