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Dear colleagues,

would you be so kind to support us in two questions:

1. Which premium package should be buy in order to build combined dropdown / text box grid. We are executing a social survey via surveygizmo and we need to arrange some of the columns in question 8 and 9 as dropdown menus, and the others as text boxes.

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2. Secondly, which will be the best package in order to put the following logic:
“If column X in question 8 is with value ‘X’, transfer the value of columns Y, as value of column Z in question 9”

We would need your support not only of the advice of the type of the paid package, but also on the process. So if you can send us some tutorials it will be perfect.

We count on your valuable help.

Kind regards,

Vesselin Drobenov

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    The Custom Table question type is available with the Basic plan (first step above the free version) and should provide the layout you want.

    I do not think you can do the logic you want without JavaScript. Embedded JavaScript is also available with the basic plan. You would need to have someone with good JavaScript skills or perhaps pay SurveyGizmo for custom programming.


    IS answered

      Here is a link to a tutorial about the Custom Table question that@IS mentioned:

      Like@IS mentioned, there is not a built in option to do logic inside of the Custom Table question across different columns, but SurveyGizmo offers a Programming Services team that could help:


      Dominic Sharpe answered


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