I want to know how to combine two surveys into one new one .


 I have two surveys written and saved in SG. I was going to send the results of both to SPSS and compare them statistically. I have found that by using the percent branch feature I may do the same thing with less expense by combining the surveys into one survey. However I am stumped by just how to efficiently copy each of two surveys into one survey. I cannot figure out how to save each to the Library and then extract each and copy both into one new survey from the Library. the directions are confusing and I would be so thankful if some one would please help me figure this our. My name is Rob.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Is there anything specific that you are having trouble with regarding the Branching? For example, have you set it up and it’s not working as expected, or are you having trouble with the setup?

    Here is SurveyGizmo’s help content on the topic:


    Perhaps the biggest thing that you need to be aware of is that the Branching Action needs to be on a page prior to any questions that are being shown or hidden. Hope that helps!

    rob commented
      • Thank you Dominic. I have the branching a/b split-testing. I tried setting it up hoping it could randomly branch me to either question 2 so a participant could do the first survey and not the 2nd or go to question 51 and do the 2nd and not the first. However it seems the Branching goes only works on smaller branches. I am going to delve into the matter more and play with it as I have time in between breaks in my work day. Any suggestions are welcome.


      Depending on your account type, there are different methods for adding items to the Question Library. If you happen to be on one of SurveyGizmo’s Legacy plans, you will need to use the import option described here (perhaps this is the source of the confusion?):


      P.S. You have posted your question on SurveyGizmo Community forum for other users (like yourself). In case you need to reach out to SurveyGizmo’s Support Team to get walked through this, there are some options for doing so here:


      I hope this helps!

      rob commented
        • Thank you. I now have my two surveys merged into one. Now I am having trouble using the Branching: A/B Split Testing properly. I want to randomly assign survey participants to either the first 50 questions or the second 50 questions of the survey. Once I solve that I will be able to run the survey.



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