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In custom tables or radio button grid tables, is there a way to change the color/darkness/thickness of the lines between columns? See the lines in the picture below. With the current setup, the color of the lines are very light grey, and as you go down the rows, it is a bit difficult to see where each column ends. Is there a way I could make the lines more obvious/visible, maybe by changing the color, darkness or thickness of the lines?

Also, in custom tables, is there a way to make column headers (the ratings 1-5 in the picture below) repeat every few rows? I was able to do that in a simple radio button grid, but I couldn’t find that option in custom tables.


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Lola Gill answered
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    This would require customization via CSS, unfortunately there is not a built in color adjustment for that specific border.

    Also, the feature for repeating the row header is not available for Custom Tables (Custom Tables are a bit more complex that standard tables and the customization options are more limited).

    Have you consider splitting up your Custom Table into three separate radio tables? It will take up more room vertically, but might be a bit less intimidating from a respondent standpoint.


    Lola Gill answered


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