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Each page of my self assessment relates to a different topic and I would like to be able to indicate this with a different colour. Is it possible to have a different colour for each  page (topic) or is there another way I can colour code the topics?

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Lola Gill answered
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    This is possible but does require some CSS coding. If you are comfortable with using CSS to make style modifications, you could do the following:

    Add a unique CSS Class to each page (edit the page and use the Layout tab):

    You could use pageone for the first page, pagetwo for the second page, and so on…

    Then, you can target each page with CSS code to change the background like so:

    and so on for page three, four, etc.

    You can use color codes preceded by an # as in the image above. You can find color codes on:

    Alternatively, you could customize a Page Title and a description for each page to let your respondents know that each page is a different category.

    Hope this helps!

    Lola Gill answered


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