[Solved] Collecting Individual Responses and Keeping Separate


I will be conducting research asking ≥60 participants to respond to five questions daily for two weeks, and then a final end-of-study questionnaire. How do I assign each participant their own ID, so that each participant’s responses remain separate?

Robert Ray asked

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    Hi Robert,

    One way you can add a dropdown at the beginning that list their names.

    If you dont want to do that then you can create 60 unique urls i.e:

    www.surveygizmo.com/survey/233432/Survey?nameID=123 // You would customize the “123” to be specific to each user.

    Now you can use the URL Variable nameID to do quite a bit.

    I recommend checking out:

    URL Variable – Basic understanding of URL Variables

    sgapiURLValue – Use Custom Scripting to pull URL Variables 


    Jacob Hayslett answered


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