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Dear all,

I want to import some data. In which code (Unicode, hex, etc.) does Survey Gizmo expect to get those data? I’ve found some bugs in my import into Survey Gizmo and I wonder if it could be the reason why…



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    Hello Florence,

    Thank you so much for using the community and your question.

    For a standard data import files must be UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoded and no larger than 15MB in size. To find out more about the specifics on how the .CSV or Excel file needs to be formatted there is a really good document on this in the community at the following link:


    If you are specifically speaking of importing your data via the Login/Password action your file would need to be UTF-8 encoded and the requirements for that spreadsheet formatting can be found in Step 1, Option 3 of the Login/Password Action documentation at the following link:


    I hope this information answers your questions.

    Joshua Crigger

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