[Solved] Code for maximum # of answers per row in a checkbox grid question?


Hi all–

I have a checkbox grid question that I’d like to add more validation logic too than the default allows. Unfortunately, I don’t have any coding skills other than very very basic HTML. 

Anyone happen to have worked this out and willing to share their code? 

I’d be looking for something like this:

If <Row 1, column A> is checked, then require exactly 2 responses in <Row 1> 

If <Row 1, column D> is checked, then do not allow checks in <column B or C>


Something like that. Any ideas appreciated!

HilaryMayhew asked

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    Have you thought about adding this to the Dev Corner category instead? That might help you get a better answer!

    Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered

      I’ve not tried to set up that kind of validation before, but if you’re set on it, give it a try yourself! Here are a few resources that got me started with javascript and jQuery (which SG loads automatically in every survey).




      Alexander Raymond answered


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