[Solved] Closing a response on an individual level


Does anyone know if it is possible to close a survey response on an individual level if the response is not complete within a certain period of time? 

Thanks in advance!

Mary Panos Loy asked

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    This is part of the documentation about page timing – you can slow them down or move them on. If you search for Page Timer you will see many uses for it. Page Timer: Limit Time Spent on Survey or Survey Page

    Using the Page Timer you can set a time limit for a specific page in your survey, all pages in your survey or the entire survey.

    The Page Timer is perfect for your online quizzes. You can also use the Page Timer to ensure that any video or audio clips you include in your survey are watched in their entirety. Finally, Page Timers can prevent people from speeding through your survey if you are offering an incentive.

    Mary Mawhirter answered

      Hi Mary,

      You could close the survey, but that would still allow any partial responses to finish if they return to complete the survey.

      Another thing you could do would be to simply filter out any responses completed after a certain date from your reports and exports.

      Would that work?

      Let me know if you still need assistance!


      Taylor Morgan answered


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