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Is there any clean way of building in a closed-loop process?  Currently I have a hidden page with several fields that the respondent never sees, but after they submit the survey, the page is unlocked and I can use the edit link to go back and add my comments on that hidden page.  Is there a tool/feature that allows tracking of following up with respondents and maybe reminders if no notes have been added in X days?

Jonathan Sanche asked

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    Hey Jonathan,


    The closest solution I have found to something like this is a combination of admin-only pages/questions and response tags.


    This document should help with admin only pages:


    This one with admin only questions:



    It sounds like you are already using these features so you probably don’t need those docs, but I wanted to include them anyways incase you weren’t. In addition to these features there are two more things you could do.


    You could add tags to responses that get a follow up:




    You could set the survey to end on a non-thank you page! This way the response comes in as partial and when you go back to edit it and follow up, it turns to a complete(All completes = Followed up with).


    As far as getting notified for a response that has not been followed up with yet, I am not sure there is a feature for that. The only thing you may be able to do here is link up with Salesforce or some other CRM for this part of the automation.


    I hope this is helpful to you!





    Cliff McGrupp answered

      Thank you Cliff.  I will read through those posts you shared.  I really appreciate your help.

      Jonathan Sanche answered


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