Cloning a Survey Multiple Times


Can we clone a survey to be 300 separate surveys without cloning one at a time?

Cathy Felts answered

    Thank you. This is very helpful. We’re having trouble tying each survey to a contact in SF so as a work around, we thought we could clone a survey for each account. The maintenance of it makes it a horrible workaround.


    Thanks again!

    Jacob H (Moderator) commented
      • Cathy, it sounds like you might be able to use a URL variable to handle what you are looking for. This is something you can define outside of the survey, so producing links for 300+ users would be pretty simple and you can still use this value to filter reports/exports.

        You could possible use Excel to speed up the build of a list of custom urls for your 300+ users.

        URL Variables

        No matter what url variable you use, it is stored in the individual response itself. To make it better, you can create a hidden value at the beginning of your survey and set the default value to [url(“xxx”)] (xxx is the name of the value). If you add ?name=Jacob, then you would use [url(“name”)]. This would then populate the hidden value with whatever you have after ?name= .

        If you have any other questions or comments on how this would/would not work for you let me know and we can hopefully work this out for you!


      I agree with Jim, 300 is pretty extreme.

      One thing I would recommend, depending on your goal of this survey, is to use custom tracking links. This allows you to offer the same survey but under different links. You can customize the survey and filter data reporting based on each link.

      Although this is nice, it would be a pain duplicating 300 times, maybe this can help you.

      Tracking Links

      Jacob H (Moderator) commented
        • Jacob, is there a bulk upload option relative to the link tracking?

        • I am sorry but I don’t think there is a way you can do a bulk upload to import new links. If you are skilled enough in programming you may be able to do it via API connections, but I truly don’t have any first hand experience with it.


        As regular users we can only clone a survey one at a time.  I am not sure if SurveyGizmo Support would be willing to help you with this task, but you could try asking them.

        If you don’t mind sharing, why do you need 300 identical copies of a survey?  This seems like it would be a nightmare to administer.

        Jim Wetherill answered


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