[Solved] When someone clicks “save and continue”, then later finishes, are there two or more survey responses (partial and complete)?


I currently have the save and continue feature activated. However, I see that some survey participants are repeated in the individual results list. For example Jane Doe filled it out at 8:01 am, a partial response. Then Jane Doe filled it out at 8:20 am, also a partial response. Then another at 3:30 pm from Jane Doe showing as complete. 

Is Jane Doe, saving and continuing multiple times?  Is she not saving and continuing and going back to retype everything? Why doesn’t the first partial switch to complete so I get just one full response? Do I need to go back and delete all the partial results so I only see the completed results?

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    save and continue will NOT create additional surveys. The respondent will be taken back to the same survey

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