Clicking survey email link goes to the end of survey as if it was already completed even if it wasn’t


I have a basic plan.

I created a simple 9 question survey.

I randomized the list of respondents to create a list of User IDs in Excel and sent a unique link (with the SGUID I assigned to them) to each user.

Several respondents noted that the links open directly to the “Thank you for completing this survey page” even though they never took the survey.

I tried fixing this by changing the SGUIDs which seems to have solved some but not all issues.

Since I am in the Basic Plan, I don’t have the option of Duplicate Protection.  Is it possible that Duplicate Protection defaults to “ON?” 

One other thought I had is that several of the survey respondents may be answering from work-based computers that are commonly used by several people.  Could it be that the cache/cookies need to be erased?


Hoping for an easy solution to this problem!





davidrosenbaum asked


    I use the sguid functionality in almost all of the surveys we do for our clients. I have never run into this type of situation so all I can think of is that there was some value you were including in the values you hard coded into the sguid functionality that was causing this to happen. The only time I have this type of an issue is when the ESP does not insert the merge tags properly and the generated urls for the survey invitations end up with a blank value in the sguid field.

    The only other time I had a problem with the sguid functionality was where partners shared an email address and one would the survey before the other, it would also just take the second person to the Thank You page.

    You can see what is happening by looking at the individual responses and looking at the values that are being posted into the sguid field. This may shed some light into what was causing your issues.

    Jon E (Moderator) answered



      Key is to use the “customerID” instead of “SGUID” tag to the survey link to shut off duplicate protection.


      If anyone knows a way to retain duplicate protection without creating these errors, let me know.


      Very very annoying.

      davidrosenbaum answered

        Addendum: This is happening on personal computers, not just work computers. 

        davidrosenbaum answered


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