Classify based on answer to previous question – hundreds of possible correct ‘answer’


I am asking respondents to enter their zip code and based on the zip code I want to assign them as either ‘A’ or ‘B’. There are hundreds of zip codes that can be classified as ‘A’ and the same goes for ‘B’ as well. How do I set this up?

yangzot533134 answered
    • The idea is that based on the classification as ‘A’ or ‘B’, I will be showing or hiding select brands from a list.


    Are the zip codes in ranges? For example, 70000 – 79999 will get A and 80000 – 89999 will get B? If so, you could use logic to show the follow-up questions:

    You could set up conditions along the lines of:

    If the zip code is less than 80000 show x and so on…

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Dominic,


      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, the zips are not in ranges but are a mix. So ‘A’ zip codes very closely resemble and are close in number to ‘B’ zip codes. 




      yangzot533134 answered


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