[Solved] Checking previous answer for multi-check option’d Q


When I use the Skip logic to jump to another page, I want to test the answer selected for the previous Q before I decide what next to display to the user. How do I do that for an answer from a multi-checkbox option’d Question – i.e., I want to know what all was checked earlier?


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PPA Data221017 asked

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    Your question is somewhat vague, so in general you use the “logic builder” to check answers to previous questions. Watch these videos:



    This is done for checkboxes the same way as it is for radio buttons. Pick the question you want to test, then pick the answers you want to cause the page skip action to happen. Example, “if they select A or B in question 1, then skip to page 5”.

    If it’s still unclear, edit your question to include more detail and I can try to be more specific with my answer.

    Alexander Raymond answered


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