Check box grid that doesn’t require all columns to be ticked


I want to ask the language level taught in several languages. However, no teacher teaches ALL these languages. If I make this question obligatory, and only fill in the grid for English and Spanish, I get an error report.



Lola Gill answered
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    You can review the following documentation as well:

    I’m with Jim – it seems that you need to swap your columns and rows to get the data that you are asking for (grids are row based rather than column based).

    I hope this helps!

    pennock54 commented

      Unfortunately, if you make a grid type question REQUIRED then a response must be entered for each row.

      You might want to consider adding a NONE column to your question and making it the default response.

      I am curious – your posting mentions columns.  However, the rows within a grid constitute the sub-questions, so the grid as configured is asking about what languages are taught at the different levels.  Is that your intent?

      pennock54 commented
        • Thank you very much. Very kind of both of you. My intent was to find out at what level each language was taught. For example, I would just fill in English at C2 level. My next question is that if I make the question optional, do I still get the data? I imagine so. I will change the rows and the columns around, of course. The none column is a great idea -have just seen it. I could write “Please tick `none` for the languages you don’t teach.



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