Chart format with PowerPoint downloads


The PowerPoint download is very useful.  But with bar charts, no%s show on the chart and there’s a random 0: in front of every item in the Legend.

But pic charts are fine!

It means for a bar chart, they have to be edited to convert to %s and remove the 0:. 

Anything I’m doing wrong / is there a work around?


See images…


Dominic Sharpe answered

    I am finding the same behavior with PowerPoint exports of segmented data. I am assuming that you are using segmentation in your report (based on your screenshot). It doesn’t look like you are doing anything wrong.

    I was able to edit the text (remove the 0) by right-clicking on the option and selecting ‘Edit in Excel’. Editing this in excel automatically updated the PowerPoint content in my case.

    In terms of getting the percentages, I right-clicked on each bar color and selected ‘Format Data Labels’. Then in the ‘Label Contains’ section, I chose ‘value’ which displayed the percentages above the bars in my case.

    Hopefully, this workaround gets you something to work with!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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