Changing the size of the modal pop-up


Is it possible to change the size of the modal pop-up box so that it works well with mobile or tablet as well as desktop? If so, how can this be done.

Ian-SurveyGizmo answered

    Hi Anegelique


    Yes this is possible it will need some extra HTML. In this example I will highlight the options you will need to change to do this


    <script type=”text/javascript”>var sg_div = document.createElement(“div”);sg_div.innerHTML = “<h1>You have been selected for a survey</h1><p>We appreciate your feedback!</p><p><a href=\”\”>Please click here start it now.</a> </p> <a href=\”#\” onclick=\”document.getElementById(‘sg-popup’).style.display = ‘none’;return false;\”>No, thank you.</a> “; = “sg-popup”; = “absolute”; = “100px”;.style.width = “500px”; = “100px”; = “400px”; = “#ffffff”; = “#000000”; = “solid”; = “20px”; = “16px”;document.body.appendChild(sg_div);</script>


    I have underlined and bolded the area you will need to change. In the original script you will not see = “100px”; I have added this so can modify the height as well.


    Let us know if that helps, If you have any specific questions about this I would check in with our support team who may be able to better assist you with this !



    Ian Rosenstein

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