Changing the size of the modal pop-up


Is it possible to change the size of the modal pop-up box so that it works well with mobile or tablet as well as desktop? If so, how can this be done.

Chiko answered

    How about changing the position of the popup? For example, center it on the screen? Thanks.

    Chiko answered

      Hi Anegelique


      Yes this is possible it will need some extra HTML. In this example I will highlight the options you will need to change to do this


      <script type=”text/javascript”>var sg_div = document.createElement(“div”);sg_div.innerHTML = “<h1>You have been selected for a survey</h1><p>We appreciate your feedback!</p><p><a href=\”\”>Please click here start it now.</a> </p> <a href=\”#\” onclick=\”document.getElementById(‘sg-popup’).style.display = ‘none’;return false;\”>No, thank you.</a> “; = “sg-popup”; = “absolute”; = “100px”;.style.width = “500px”; = “100px”; = “400px”; = “#ffffff”; = “#000000”; = “solid”; = “20px”; = “16px”;document.body.appendChild(sg_div);</script>


      I have underlined and bolded the area you will need to change. In the original script you will not see = “100px”; I have added this so can modify the height as well.


      Let us know if that helps, If you have any specific questions about this I would check in with our support team who may be able to better assist you with this !



      Ian Rosenstein

      Angelique Post commented


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