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We have created a survey that a lot of people have already filled in, but would like to change the logic on a couple of the questions (in terms of limits to what numbers can be entered) does that affect the current data?


Is it possible to change the logic without affecting the current responses?



Victoria Jacobs asked

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    Hi Victoria!
    Great question here! If you change the logic, just make s personal note to yourself that when it comes to your data collection, you may see a difference because of that logic change.


    For example:

    If my Logic condition was: Only ask if they are a boy.. for

    Question: How old are you?

    and I changed it to:

    Logic condition: Show if they are a Girl or Boy..

    Question: How old are you?


    Before analyzing the data, I need to know that most of my first female respondents will not have any data on this question until I changed the logic.


    Basically, as long as you know ahead of time, you will be okay:)



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    seanalee flaherty answered


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