Changing labels for single option for radio button grid does not work


I managed to change the color of the last label in a raw (as intended) with the code below, but not the label shape. It works when I remove the question ID, but I only need this code for some questions. 

Thanks a lot in advance for suggestions!

/* Quality potato */
.sg-replace-icons #sgE-4790543-42-317-box .sg-last-cell input[type=radio] + label
{content: “\2b1c”; color: #7EB986;}
.sg-replace-icons #sgE-4790398-42-317-box .sg-last-cell input[type=radio]:checked + label
{content: “\2611”; color: #7EB986;}



Caitlin Murphy362904 answered

    It looks like your code has “curly”/”fancy”/”smart” quotes; these will break your CSS. Try replacing all quotation marks with the standard quotation marks on your keyboard. That worked for me!

    Caitlin Murphy362904 answered


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