[Solved] Changing a theme on a live survey


need to change the theme of this current survey but custom theme i need to replace this with can’t be found.



can you pls. help asap. this survey is now live.

Vincent Baytion asked

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    Hi Vincent,

    I’m so sorry for the trouble with your survey. It does sound like you might be working with our old theme editor. Have you tried switching to the newest version? When you do, do you see any difference?

    If you haven’t had any luck, please let me know. Typically, if you’re reporting an issue that will require a support hero looking at your account, you’ll want to use the option to “email a support hero” on the right side of the “Ask Question” page. Community users don’t have access to view your account.

    If you are still having trouble with your theme, we’d be happy to take a closer look!

    Taylor Morgan answered

      Was the custom them built using the old editor?

      If I’m changing themes from old to new or vice versa, sometimes it’s a few extra clicks to find where you need to go.

      Kelly Kyle answered


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