[Solved] Changing a live survey?


What do you/have you changed in a live survey without causing problems? I’ve been making constant style tweaks to my NPS survey as time goes on, but last week tried to change one of my question types (“radio” to “nps”, arghh….) and got a warning in the app. What other things might be bad to change?

just wondering what I need to make sure to get right the FIRST time, for my next survey. Thanks!

Alexander Raymond asked

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    Yeah I heard that’s a big no-no. If I have to I always refer to the below article before I make changes.


    Noel Black answered

      I recommend not making changes to a live survey unless you have to. It might be a good idea to close your survey for a bit while making those changes as well.


      Definitely do not ever change custom tables if you’ve collected data on it. I did that once and it did not go over so well haha.

      Rudy Raintree answered


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