How do i change url variables in the responce details section?



We are  missing a url variable=cref in the responses from 31st Jan for some of the surveys. We need to upload those. What is the best way to that?

Otherwise we cannot attribute the responses to the customers. email does not work as unique id in our backend system.


Thank you.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    If it’s just a handful of surveys, you might consider accessing the response edit link, appending the url variable and resubmitting (this will update the submission date so may not be ideal):

    Another option is to utilize the Data Import feature (assuming that you are capturing the url variable as part of the survey response via a Hidden Value).

    You could export the affected responses to csv, add the url variable information and use the bulk update feature to pull the url data into a specific field:

    You may want to do testing with both options to see if either of them works best for your situation.


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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