How to change the text for the Browse button


I used the JS example to try and change a Browse button text on a one question survey.  It had no effect.  I tried the same with the Submit button and it had not effect.

Sean Gunderson answered


    Thanks for the response.  This is the page I referenced in the SG help.  

    It may not work with the Browse button on a file upload question.   I created a one question survey to have capture a video.  I would like to Browse button on this page only to say, “Launch Camera” as opposed to Browse.

    Sean Gunderson answered

      The text of both the Browse and Submit buttons can also be changed via SurveyGizmo’s Text & Translations interface:

      Is there a specific resource that you are using to get the JS examples that you are referring to? I’d be curious to see if they work for me.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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