[Solved] Change page error message for empty soft-required questions



To my mind, if a user has not responded to a question flagged as having an optional response, this is not an error, but either an omission or a deliberate choice by the user.

Whilst the messages over each question make this clear, the page level message says it is an error, which makes the user think that they have done something wrong, even if they haven’t.

Is there a way of either having a different page level response for this situation, or to remove the page level message, if the only “errors” are not answering questions where the response is optional?

timthornton90 asked

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    Hi there,


    You should be able to remove this error message at the top of the page with some css!


    If you paste this css into the custom css section of your style tab it shouldn’t show up:


    display: none;


    I hope this helps!


    Thank you very much,



    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered
      • Sorry, where is this custom css section? I can’t find it in the style tab.


      Hey Tim, You can also alter that message by going to Tools>Text and Translations>English>Messages. Cheers!

      Molly Hooper answered


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