Change date format in excel export


Hi is it possible to change the date format in the excel export. The current format is yyyy-mm/dd hr:mm:ss. We would like it to be dd/mm/yyyy.


Is it possible to change this in the export file, so I don’t have to manually make the change inside excel.



Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

    HI Mary


    I’m referring to the Date Submitted that I get in my exports. I want this to be in the format dd/mm/yyyy. I’ve tried to change the Project data format but this doesn’t change the Date Submitted date.


    I would also like to have it without the hours and min.


    Additional I would like to know if is is possible with a distribution link only to see the latest data so you will only get the date that has come in since you last used the link.

    Catharina Brodka answered

      Hi all,

      Thank you all for contributing to this thread!

      SurveyGizmo did release an update to this functionality that should help with many if not all of these requests. The CSV Exports now display the Time Started and Date Submitted fields in the format that you have specified under your Account Settings:

      Exports are one of the supported features listed here:

      I hope this is helpful!

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
      Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
      SurveyGizmo |

      Admin - SurveyGizmo answered


        I just want to highlight that it is an extreme annoyance to have to alter date formatting in Excel for the way we use SG. And if a solution has been developed since Mar 2016 I’d be very grateful to hear about it?

        Thank you,


        Graham Frickers answered

          Hi Mary


          I’m looking to have the Date Submitted in my export files to be in the format dd/mm/yyyy and without the hours time stamp.


          On both my Account and on the Project level I’ve set it at dd/mm/yyyy. However in the export file it still states yyyy-mm-dd hr:min:sec.


          Is it possible to secure that the export file is shown with dd/mm/yyyy without having to make this setting in the Excel after the file have been downloaded.

          I’m asking because my IT department is using the exort direc link to import directly into our CRM system.





          Catharina Brodka answered

            Hi Jan


            Yes I know it is possible to change this on Excel. The issue is that my IT department is using a direct link to feed the information into our CRM system, so they were looking for this possibility so they don’t have to this manually.

            Thank ou for yow answer. I’ll let them know that this is not a possibility.



            Catharina Brodka answered


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