[Solved] How to change the CSS for an inline URL link


Hi All


I have a survey that includes a link to a Terms & Conditions page via a URL link.


We also have an image background. 


Now while I can alter the font colour of the body text it does not allow me to specify the colour for the URL link.


Looking at the page source it is using the standard Webkit-link colour and I can not see where to change this.


Any suggestions?


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    Have you tried putting putting a style attribute within the <a> tag?

    It would look something like this:

    When did you <a href=”https://community.surveygizmo.com/questions/question/change-css-inline-url-link/” style=”color:#00ff00;” target=”_blank”>choose this option?</a>

    You will have to edit the question and press the three dots that appear at then end of the menu bar.  This will expand the editing options.  Choose the SOURCE option – this will let you view and edit the questions underlying HTML code.


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